CraftySpace Is Making Waves!
Green Village Green was founded to help connect people with green builders in their area and find articles on the latest technology and information in the green world today, for the purpose of promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Their new website includes a full-service directory search, an integrated newsletter, and other great features, to make joining the green building community easy and fun.
Learn2Foster/Learn2Adopt is part of a project to recruit foster and adoptive parents in three Northern California counties. Its purpose is to be the home to an online community, a place where foster parents can come together to trade views, share stories, learn from veteran foster parents, and answer each other’s questions. For this project, CraftySpace joined forces with another community-minded software design company, SocialSignal, to create a website to support Learn2Foster’s mission, with expert blogs, forum posts and shared county information.
DIRT! The Movie is an upcoming feature length documentary which tells the truly amazing story of humans and the soil. CraftySpace created a website to showcase the making of the film and provide a forum for environmental education and activist opportunities. Highlights of this project include a Flash-based intro and navigation, integrated video clips and a searchable filmmaker’s blog.

Green Solutions Printing is a printing company dedicated to bringing affordable, sustainable printing to the marketplace. CraftySpace brought this business online by creating an automated ordering & workflow eCommerce web application.
Café Mam coffee is grown by fair trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala, and sold in stores and cafes across the United States. Now with their online store seamlessly integrated into their new CraftySpace website, everyone can enjoy their delicious organic coffee and other goodies anywhere in the world!
As architects, builders and landscape specialists, Habitats is dedicated to balancing human needs with the complex fabric of the environment through intelligent, responsible and aesthetically pleasing design and construction. CraftySpace built an interactive online portfolio website for Habitats to showcase their exceptional work. The new site is easily kept up to date and is intuitive for the site’s visitors to navigate.
Altered Space Gallery is a Los Angeles art gallery, showcasing several diverse collections. CraftySpace built an attractive web application for the gallery owners to show off their catalog as viewed by category or artist, and add new pieces quickly and easily.
Bike Friday produces and sells an internationally-loved line of folding bicycles. They have a large and complex website that has grown organically to include community features, hundreds of media articles and customer reviews, and of course a bundle of information about their bicycles and accessories. In phase one of this ambitious project, CraftySpace migrated Bike Friday’s existing website to our content management system. Now Bike Friday’s staff can easily update their site. In the next phase, we’ll make it even easier for the site’s many devoted visitors to both find what they’re looking for, and participate in the Bike Friday community.
CraftySpace’s easy to use tools allow Baltimore’s # 1 SEO company wipe out their competition.
Dr. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, Author, Master Certified Coach and Certified Speaking Professional, needed her website to match her state-of-the-art workshops and coaching programs. CraftySpace created a fun, inspiring and easy-to-navigate site designed to make the most out of everything that Ms. Reynolds’ programs offer.