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Green Village Green was founded to help connect people with green builders in their area and find articles on the latest technology and information in the green world today, for the purpose of promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Their new website includes a full-service directory search, an integrated newsletter, and other great features, to make joining the green building community easy and fun.
Learn2Foster/Learn2Adopt is part of a project to recruit foster and adoptive parents in three Northern California counties. Its purpose is to be the home to an online community, a place where foster parents can come together to trade views, share stories, learn from veteran foster parents, and answer each other’s questions. For this project, CraftySpace joined forces with another community-minded software design company, SocialSignal, to create a website to support Learn2Foster’s mission, with expert blogs, forum posts and shared county information.
DIRT! The Movie is an upcoming feature length documentary which tells the truly amazing story of humans and the soil. CraftySpace created a website to showcase the making of the film and provide a forum for environmental education and activist opportunities. Highlights of this project include a Flash-based intro and navigation, integrated video clips and a searchable filmmaker’s blog.

Green Solutions Printing is a printing company dedicated to bringing affordable, sustainable printing to the marketplace. CraftySpace brought this business online by creating an automated ordering & workflow eCommerce web application.
Café Mam coffee is grown by fair trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala, and sold in stores and cafes across the United States. Now with their online store seamlessly integrated into their new CraftySpace website, everyone can enjoy their delicious organic coffee and other goodies anywhere in the world!
As architects, builders and landscape specialists, Habitats is dedicated to balancing human needs with the complex fabric of the environment through intelligent, responsible and aesthetically pleasing design and construction. CraftySpace built an interactive online portfolio website for Habitats to showcase their exceptional work. The new site is easily kept up to date and is intuitive for the site’s visitors to navigate.
Altered Space Gallery is a Los Angeles art gallery, showcasing several diverse collections. CraftySpace built an attractive web application for the gallery owners to show off their catalog as viewed by category or artist, and add new pieces quickly and easily.
Bike Friday produces and sells an internationally-loved line of folding bicycles. They have a large and complex website that has grown organically to include community features, hundreds of media articles and customer reviews, and of course a bundle of information about their bicycles and accessories. In phase one of this ambitious project, CraftySpace migrated Bike Friday’s existing website to our content management system. Now Bike Friday’s staff can easily update their site. In the next phase, we’ll make it even easier for the site’s many devoted visitors to both find what they’re looking for, and participate in the Bike Friday community.
CraftySpace’s easy to use tools allow Baltimore’s # 1 SEO company wipe out their competition.
Dr. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, Author, Master Certified Coach and Certified Speaking Professional, needed her website to match her state-of-the-art workshops and coaching programs. CraftySpace created a fun, inspiring and easy-to-navigate site designed to make the most out of everything that Ms. Reynolds’ programs offer.

FAA Is Cracking Done On Drones


Spurred by numerous credit reports of drones flying near jets and also airport terminals, the federal government will certainly call for that the aircraft be signed up to make it less complicated to identify owners as well as educate amateur pilots.

The step, announced Monday by the Federal Aviation Administration, comes at a time when the firm is obtaining greater than 100 reports per month concerning drones flying near manned plane. The FAA restricts drones and also version planes from flying above 400 feet or within 5 miles of an airport.

Drones have ended up being significantly popular with enthusiasts. The FAA approximates that 1.6 million small unmanned plane will certainly be offered this year, with half during the last three months of the year.


The drones should be marked with the proprietor’s one-of-a-kind enrollment number. The FAA stated that would certainly let authorities find proprietors if they break the guidelines. But registration also provides the firm a vehicle to enlighten owners equally as thousands obtain drones as presents for Christmas as well as other holidays.

The need covers aircraft considering from majority pound around 55 extra pounds, including any sort of payload such as a cam. Drone proprietors who are 13 and also older will certainly need to register on an FAA website that becomes available starting Dec. 21. The FAA anticipates parents to sign up for younger youngsters.

Registration will certainly set you back $5 as well as need to be restored every three years, yet the fee will be waived for the first 30 days, till Jan. 20. Owners will have to mark plane with a recognition number. Entertainment fliers could sign up as numerous plane as they desire on one enrollment number.

Most people who fly drones and version airplane have little aviation experience, however they come to be aviators as soon as they start to fly, said Replacement FAA Supervisor Michael Whitaker. “They have the obligation to fly securely, and also there are guidelines and rules that put on them,” he said.

Those that obtained drones prior to Dec. 21 should sign up by Feb. 19. Individuals that get them later on must sign up prior to their initial outside flight.

The Muncie, Indiana-based Academy of Model Aeronautics stated enrollment is an “unnecessary burden for our greater than 185,000 members that have been operating securely for years.”.

The group keeps that Congress in 2012 forbade the FAA from new guidelines for leisure model plane users that belong to a community-based company.

Whitaker claimed while the law prohibits brand-new rules, the FAA has the authority to register the airplane.

The demand won support from various other job pressure members, consisting of the Organization for Unmanned Car Systems International, a sector and also scholastic company. The team stated the enhancement of consumers to the enrollment requirements will promote responsibility and security.

Government and also sector authorities have revealed concern that drones, like birds, can be pulled right into an aircraft engine, smash a cockpit windscreen or damage an important plane area and also trigger an accident.

Drones are accountable for at the very least 28 recent circumstances where pilots diverted off course to prevent an accident, based on an evaluation of FAA files by Bard University’s Center for the Research of the Drone in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Plane engine makers presently check the capability of engines to hold up against bird strikes by firing dead birds at the engines at high speeds. The FAA hasn’t already yet said when it will certainly require engine manufacturers to conduct examinations with drones, however officials have actually unofficially acknowledged they are dealing with the issue, the file claimed.

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Crafty New Wrinkle Cream Changing Lives

Stemologica is a glamorous skin treatment with every little thing you need to really feel wellness as well as young again. Do you intend to heal your skin, appear more youthful and/or have smooth soft skin? You do not have to go for cosmetic surgery. All you have to do is obtain Stemologica kit, comprehensive with skin treatment formula, not only for your skin, yet likewise for your eyes, both in the morning and in the evening.
Dead Sea salts as well as black mud
Dead Sea salts are gotten from the Dead Sea, a degree where water salt content is about 16 % higher than an average sea. Black mud, though removed from the Dead Sea also, is a mixture of minerals, oils and also the salts. Dead Sea salts as well as black mud both have a visible as well as positive effect on your skin. They are likewise efficient in the therapy of skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis as well as acne.
The certain minerals had by Stemologica are potassium, magnesium, bromide and calcium. The minerals offer unique functions. Magnesium is a mineral that has actually been read to properly reduce down the growing old procedure, lose weight (slimfy), calcium maintains skin consistently moistened while bromide has been proven, scientifically, to maintain your muscle mass unwinded leading to more youthful and stronger looking skin.
Natural elements
These consist of Swiss green apple stalk cells and also Utwiler Spatlauber. They have for a very long time been demanded, not simply for restorative purposes, yet additionally for beauty. Together with the other substances, these aspects work to achieve one particular purpose-anti growing old.
How Stemologica works
It is one of the most common and also most relied on skin care formula; used by numerous popular stars and actresses of any ages. The formula is really reliable in assisting you get that youthful feel and also look. Even for individuals over 60 years, this item program outstanding results after a couple of weeks of usage-they appear like they are in their forties.
It has actually been clinically verified that within our skin, there already existing dead cells. Their depth differs from the surface to many layers deep. When these cells are ultimately given the surface, they make our skin appear old, dry and also rough. With Stemologica formula your physical body will heal such skin cells and revitalize the dead cells making them look healthy and balanced again.
Clean your skin with cozy water and soap just before patting with a towel to dry
Apply Stemologica lotion to your skin in addition to other area you would like to recover
Allow enough time for the product to work on your skin. You must have the ability to see good outcomes after a couple of mins.
Stemologica package has a significant effect when made use of to decrease wrinkles, dark spots as well as great lines, between several other skin defects. Its results do not just last for a season; it comes along as time passes. This is due to the fact that it aids your skin in a number of degrees, giving you your desired appearance. If you use it consistently, it will certainly help you far better your skin look. Stemologica functions daily for as long as you use it, at some point offering you the very best feel and look.

Crafty New Way to Reduce Unwanted Body Fat

Coolsculpting is a relatively recent non-invasive technique of fat reduction. The technique uses a unique cooling process to freeze unwanted fat cells in the body’s fat pockets. The fat cells die gradually and eventually become drained from the body in a natural way. The treatment is considered ideal unlike liposuction since it avoids collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. It involves little or no downtime and does not carry risks that are typical to surgical procedures.

Coolscupting uses an applicator to deliver focused cooling to the fat cells in the targeted area. Once the fat cells are frozen, they begin to breakdown gradually. As a result they get drained from the body system effectively. It may take 6- 12 weeks to see results; however a patient can lose half an inch from his or her waistline after just a single one-hour treatment. An area can be treated several times but most experts in this field claim that the first treatment is usually the most effective session.

For a long time liposuction was the treatment of choice for thousands of patients seeking to get rid of unwanted fat pockets from their body. Unlike coolsculpting, liposuction is an invasive technique that involves surgery. This surgical procedure vacuums excess fat deposits from under the skin to slim and reshape specific areas of the body.before and after

Both coolsculpting and liposuction seeks to reduce fat; however the main difference between the two lies in the treatment approach and degree of invasiveness involved.Unlike liposuction, coolsculpting is completely non-surgical and non-invasive; this makes it great for people who wish to avoid the risks associated with invasive techniques.(More info here-

Liposuction as compared to coolscupting takes a conventional approach to reduce fat. This is a highly complex procedure and should ideally be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The patient must be in good health and agree to undergo local anesthesia for this procedure. Since liposuction is an invasive technique, there is a certain amount of downtime depending on the extent of treatment performed. In addition, it has the usual risks associated with minor surgeries.

Since liposuction is a surgical procedure, swelling and bruising is expected after surgery. Patients who undergo this process requires time to heal and recover depending on the extent of the surgery. Liposuction offers dramatic improvement in body shape and contour. The only problem is that it may take several months before the swelling subsides enough to notice the final outcome.

Though liposuction reduces fat and improves body contour, it is critical to note that the results will last as long as you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity and does not take the place of proper diet or exercise. In addition it does not treat cellulite or loose saggy skin.

Coolsculpting eliminates about 25 percent of the fat cells permanently in the targeted areas. The technique works effectively for patients close to their ideal body weight with small areas of stubborn fat pockets including love handles and belly bulges that do not respond to diet or exercise.